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~ Workshops and Presentations ~
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Dr. Valerie Allen, psychologist, speaker, and author, has published two children's books, Summer School for Smarties, and Bad Hair, Good Hat, New Friends,  for grades three through six. She is also the author of novels including, Suffer the Little Children, Sins of the Father, Amazing Grace, and The Prodigal Son. She has written a self-help book, which focuses on the psychology of everyday living and personal responsibility:  Beyond the Inkblots: Confusion to Harmony. She presents a variety of writers’ workshops based on her book, Write, Publish, Sell! Quick, Easy, Inexpensive Ideas for the Marketing Challenged (2nd Edition).  Her short stories, writer's blogs, and parent/family articles have appeared in nation wide publications. 
She is a co-founder of Authors for Authors (, and has been an active member of the Space Coast Writers Guild(, the National League of American Pen Women, Cape Canaveral Branch ( and the Board of Directors for the Creative Arts Foundation of Brevard (


Presentations by Valerie Allen


~ The Art of Article Writing ~

` Think small
` Types of articles
` Side bars
` Target your market
` Evergreens/seasonal/events/expertise

~ Methods of Mega Marketing ~

` Tell to sell
` Advertising is paid for, publicity is prayed for
` One on one/word of mouth
` Friends/relatives/neighbors/coworkers/and others
` Direct mail/fliers/post cards/posters/handouts
` Print media, press releases
` Online/email/web pages/blogs/tweets and all things

~ Writing for Fun and Profit ~
` Writers write
` Writing Genres
` Organize thyself
` Write what you enjoy or learn fast
` Rules of the road - what you are expected to know
` Agents and publishers
` Standard vs POD vs Self Publishing vs E- Publishing
` E-books vs P-books

~ Details, Details: Creative Elaboration ~

` Exciting words
` Good sentences
` Mighty monosyllables
` Pesky pronouns
` Repetitive reduncancies
` Sentence structure
` Sentence types
` Strong verbs
` Word pictures

~ Creative Writing for the Young and Talented ~

`  Workshops for children and young adults
`  Letting your mind roll on
`  Thinking outside the box
`  Pen to paper and keep it there
`  Words that bang and clang
`  Words that flow and float
`  Blow out sentences 
`  Cultivating your exciting ideas

~ We All Have a Story to Tell  ~
` Poetry
` Fiction
` Non-fiction
`Story Themes
` Story Series
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