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Beyond the Inkblots: Confusion to Harmony ~
ISBN 13:  978-1478146117                 Book LARGE PRINT ebook Audio

     This is a book of simple truths, focusing on personal responsibility. It opens a path to calm anxiety and find inner peace. It leads the way for personal growth,   understanding, and self control. At some point, we come face to face with life's big questions dealing with who we are and what we have become. We wonder about those dreams we had, and ask where are they now?
    This book offers insight into how we arrived at our place in life. It presents an opportunity to assess the choices we made that brought us to this place and time. It offers the promise of positive change to reach our goals, find success, and enjoy inner peace and happiness.

Write, Publish, Sell! 
Quick, Easy, Inexpensive Ideas for the Marketing Challenged - 2nd Ed ~
 ISBN 9781480043855       
    Book  ebook

is book is for you--the timid, the frugal, and the marketing challenged. You are entering Phase Two of your writing career,  marketing and selling your book. You must tell to sell because people do business with people they know. This is your step-by-step guide for name recognition, networking, and creative marketing ideas. 

Summer School for Smarties ~ 
A Children's Chapter Book for grades two through five. 
ISBN 0-595-50234-2                         $8.95            ebook             .99 cents    Http://

     Jennifer Leigh Shaw knows there has been a BIG mistake. Summer school isn't for a girl like her! She can't believe  she failed the end of the year reading test. How could this have happened? How is she going to hang out with her friends? When will she get to do all the fun stuff? She plans to be miserable--until she meets Ms. Sullivan--the only reading teacher who doesn't teach reading. 
    Ms. Sullivan lets the kids talk in class, sit near their friends, and play games all day. With all this fun in summer school will Jennifer Leigh Shaw ever learn to read?

Bad Hair, Good Hat, New Friends  ~
A Children's Chapter Book for grades two through five.
ISBN 978-1463718961                     $8.95            ebook      .99 Cents        Http://

  Jennifer Leigh Shaw is having the most terrible Bad Hair Day of her life! To make it worse, she and her BFFs are meeting their fourth grade class at the hospital to put on their Fancy Dancin' Show. Jennifer and her BFFs create a very clever solution to her Bad Hair problem -- they think! When they arrive at the hospital they are faced with a serious Bad Hair Crisis! How are they ever going to solve that problem? 

Horse-Play-on-Words ~ 
Activity Book  for Horse Lovers           $8.00

    This activity book has over 60 pages of information and enjoyment for horse lovers of all ages!  This book provides hours of fun and facts and can be enjoyed individually or in groups. Learning games include language arts skills, puzzles, word searches, vocabulary building, thinking games and more --  all focused on the equestrian world. 
   Horse-Play-on-Words was designed especially with parents, educators, recreation leaders, and camp directors in mind. (A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book is donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Association. Order directly from the author

Suffer the Little Childrena novel       
ISBN 1466320060                   Book LARGE PRINT ebook   Audio Book

        Twelve-year-old Angelo Cavelli is accused of murdering the school librarian. During the course of a court ordered evaluation by Dr. Allyson Freemont, the boy reluctantly reveals a cycle of emotional neglect and physical abuse, forcing the psychologist to confront her own haunting emotional issues. 
    This is the story of a child's innocence lost in the destructive cycle of family aggression. Confounded by love and hate, those involved  with this young boy gain insight into the cycle of power and control within dysfunctional families. All come to understand that nothing thrives on neglect, not flowers, not children. Given a new start, can a child so damaged ever have a normal life?  (A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book is donated to domestic shelters.)

Sins of the Father ~ a novel
ISBN 9780595442607             Book ebook

Arrested for shoplifting, a woman with amnesia denies any knowledge of the mysterious baby girl found with her. The story focuses on the efforts  of Dr. Allyson Freemont to help Feona Parker overcome the trauma of her past and the fear of her future. The psychologist must bring Feona fac
e to face with a horrifying reality, yet protect her from a complete emotional breakdown. Somewhere an adult  makes a decision, and somewhere a child suffers. The fate of  an innocent child hangs in abeyance as Dr. Freemont unravels the mystery of this tragic family and finds hope in the human spirit. (A portion of  the proceeds from the sale of this book is donated to domestic shelters.)


 Amazing Grace  ~  a novel
ISBN 9781493663699       Paperback Book LARGE PRINT ebook Audio Book

eserted nine years ago by her husband, Grace Hillock has struggled to raise their two high-needs children. She has ignored years of questions and gossip about her husband. Grace believes in him and love everlasting. She has faith he will return, until she is contacted by an attorney with startling news. Against advice of friends and family, Grace takes her children and leaves the safety of the rural Florida home they share with her mother. Grace is desperate to pursue this new information to learn what happened to the man she loves. Her life become chaotic when her teenage daughter, Sarah, goes on a violent rampage of self destruction. This brings them into the realm of services provided by Dr. Allyson Freemont at the J.U.S.T.I.C.E. center in Ft. Lauderdale. Allyson Freemont works to bring this family from psychosis to reality, in doing so, she comes to understand the truth and the heartbreak behind the disappearance of Grace's husband. (A portion of  the proceeds from the sale of this book is donated to domestic shelters.)

The Prodigal Son ~ a novel
ISBN 13: 978-1517105440    ISBN 10: 1517105447 Paperback Book LARGE PRINT

A teenager's refusal to attend school leads to criminal charges against his parents an disastrous consequences for him. His parent's recent divorce, his father's hasty remarriage, and his brother's leaving for college, leave Andrew Tibbet in a desperate whirlwind of emotions. Psychologist, Allyson Freemont, comes to understand Andrew's anger and frustration when she learns the disturbing truth about what's been happening behind closed doors.

'Tis Herself: Short Story Collection, Volume One
ISBN 978-1503388567 Book LARGE PRINT ebook Audio

This collection of short stories focuses on the small, and the not so small, events in the lives of ordinary people. These stories move readers to laugh and cry, as they encounter the twists and turns of dealing with everyday life. Each story explores our common and universal experiences and explore the emotional flow of relationships. The reader will wonder at the foolishness and the wisdom of old and young alike, as their decisions and actions forever shape the course of their lives. 

'Tis Herself: Short Story Collection, Volume Two

This second short story collection is an entertaining and heart-warming journey into the lives of ordinary people. It touches o the details of relationships among family members and between friends and lovers. it offers an opportunity--sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant--to see ourselves through the desires and decisions made by others. Each story is a quick read with a long lasting message.

The Great Weight Debate ~ a booklet
For Those Who Want a  Long and Healthy Life 

This booklet was written for those who want to improve the quality of life by taking charge of their eating. The keys are  common sense and basic facts of a healthy life style for weight control.  Simple, day-to-day behaviors are provided for positive, practical strategies for individuals and support groups serious about their health and appearance. (Order directly from the author
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